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Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

Genres: non-fiction, cookery

Synopsis: Recipes for fabulous feel-good food to make life less complicated and more pleasurable.

Book cover: At my first glance, from a distance, I quite liked this cover. However, after a better look I realised that the photograph of Nigella is taken from a really awkward angle - not flattering at all.


I have accumulated quite a collection of recipe books over the years, but I have to say that I've never found one that I've really loved - until now. "Kitchen" has a fabulous selection of food, easy to understand recipes, interesting and useful (and quite friendly, chatty) text, gorgeous and useful photographs, and a style of presentation that is attractive and makes it easy to find your place while cooking a meal. It's also nice and long (about 500 pages) with a helpful index at the back to make it easy to find recipes using specific ingredients. Many recipes also include hints on what to do with leftovers.

I've already tried out, and loved, a number of recipes, and there are plenty more I plan to try in the future. So far my strongest recommendation is the "speedy seafood supper" (page 193), which had possibly the best flavour of any meal I've ever made as well as being both quick and easy to make.

Nigella's love of cooking and enthusiasm for food comes across on every page. She talks often about her own experiences, for example in cooking for her children. Her passion is infectious - after dipping into the book for just a few minutes I find myself far more enthusiastic to cook or bake than I am ordinarily. Superb - I now want to collect many more Nigella Lawson books.
Tags: cookery, non-fiction

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