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mayitbe_books's Journal

Mayitbe Book Recommendations
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I'm Lanta, welcome to my book recommendations journal...

Unlike many book blogs, I only review books which I have enjoyed reading. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I don't really want to spend my time writing about books I've found boring (in some cases, I may not even want to finish reading them). Secondly, I would like this journal to be a place where you can go to quickly find something good to read. I assure you all, however, I do give criticism as well as praise in my reviews.

I don't tend to review sequels (or prequels). When I read books in a series, I generally either solely review the first novel, or do one review covering the entire series. However, I will do separate reviews for novels (or series) set in the same universe and/or with the same characters which are not direct sequels.

All book reviews are tagged by genre and theme so you can easily find the kind of book you are interested in.

There is also a tag to show which books have audio versions, so if you are looking for a novel to listen to, you can easily see which are available (and if I have personally listened to the audiobook then I include comments on the quality of narration).

If you would like to subscribe to my posts, you can do so in three different ways:
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  • Track my posts through email (you need a Livejournal or OpenID account).
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One disclaimer: many of the synopsis given were not written by me. Generally I take them either from the back covers of the books, or the blurbs on Amazon.